Please note, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all services are currently being offered via video and/or phone options. For your

safety and ours, this is expected to continue for some time. This decision has been informed by information provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health (Directive #2).  For summaries of relevant information related to this decision see the following: CTV, June 9, summary by UMass epidemiologist Erin Bromage.

Welcome to Transforming Emotions.


At some point in our lives, most of us will wish that we could feel differently, either within ourselves, within our most important relationships, or within our communities.  We may wish to feel more energized, more passionate, or less sad, fearful, guilty, angry, or ashamed. We may wish to heal from from the impacts of past abuse and systemic oppressions, or to have more energy to continue to engage in personal growth or community advocacy.  At Transforming Emotions, our aim is to use evidence-based practice to help you to understand and shift your emotional experience in enduring ways.  Whether you are seeking support individually, or as a couple, we start by creating a safe and respectful environment where you will learn to pay attention to your feelings, needs, and actions, and where you will receive assistance in transforming how you feel. 

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