Do you have LGBT2Q+ therapists at Transforming Emotions?


Yes. We do have members who self-identify as members of the LGBT2Q+ community providing services.  All therapists providing services through Transforming Emotions are committed to respectful and responsible service to members of LGBT2Q+ community.

Do you have therapists from racialized communities at Transforming Emotions?

Given realities of anti-Black racism, racism towards Indigenous community members, and the impacts of systemic racism, racial microaggression, and colonialism on racialized individuals more broadly, we are aware that some clients may wish to work directly with a counsellor with specific lived experiences as a member of a racialized community.  Unfortunately, we are currently unable to meet this important need at Transforming Emotions. All therapists providing services through Transforming Emotions are committed to working in ways that are mindful, respectful, and validating of diverse and intersecting identities and that seek to explore and address the negative impacts of systemic racism.

Is Transforming Emotions an accessible space?

Accessing this location requires clients to climb many stairs (15-20). This location is not currently accessible via elevator or other assistive technology.  Options for online service are available when clinically recommended.

What do I look for in a therapist?


"Fit" is important any time you begin working with a new therapist. If you do not feel comfortable speaking frankly with your care provider in the first few sessions, the fit may not be right for you.  If, however, you begin to feel uncomfortable after a period of working well with your care provider, it is important to name and address this discomfort directly. Doing so is likely to create opportunities to identify and change patterns in how you manage emotions within relationships.


What should I expect in the first few sessions?


In the first few sessions, we will talk in depth about your current challenges, and the experiences that have led to this point in your life.  We will work with you to develop a shared understanding of your current experience, how it has developed over time, and our plan to help you to move forward. By the third or fourth session we will typically begin to actively address the concerns that have brought you into therapy, aiming to begin processes of transformation.

It is not uncommon for clients to experience an increase in symptoms or emotional discomfort prior to experiencing improvement - after all, facing difficult emotions seldom feels good. However, in our experience it is a necessary precursor to sustained change. As we explore the reasons that brought you into therapy, other issues may be identified which appear to underlie current difficulties. 


How many sessions will I need?

Duration of therapy varies widely depending upon an individual’s concerns, and desired outcomes.  Therapy duration can vary from a few sessions for challenges that have arisen recently, to one or more years for symptoms stemming from significant neglect or trauma earlier in life.  In research settings, treatments of 16 sessions have resulted in improvements in depression, anxiety, and trauma symptoms in the majority of clients.


How long is a therapy session?

Sessions are typically 50 minutes long. 80-minute sessions are available during periods of more intensive psychotherapy work.


How much does treatment cost?

Psychological care is not covered by OHIP.  However, fees to meet with a registered psychologist are typically covered, up to a defined limit, by extended health benefits offered by employers or private insurance plans.   Our fees are set in accordance with guidelines set by the Ontario Psychological Association. Please contact us at for information on current rates.


Payment is expected at each session and may be made by cash, cheque (to Transforming Emotions), or e-transfer to  A $30.00 charge will be applied for returned cheques. 


You will be provided with a receipt that may be used to access extended health care coverage.  Please note that if you use up the amount of money allotted for psychological services by your plan, further therapy expenses may be eligible to be claimed on your income tax, as a medical expense.


Since alternative bookings are unlikely at short notice, our policy is to charge full fees for missed appointments and cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice.



How do you protect my privacy and confidentiality?


We respect your privacy and the confidentiality of all material that you share with your counsellor. All information is collected, stored, and destroyed in compliance with Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA).


In some situations, we may need to be in contact with your health care providers in order to establish a Circle of Care and provide you with coordinated services. In these circumstances, and in accordance with PHIPA, we will share with your care giver(s) only such information as is necessary for your assessment or treatment.  However, you may at any time expressly request that we not share specific information with a particular care provider.


There are exceptions when we may need to breach confidentiality:


1) If you intend to harm yourself or another person in the immediate future.


2) If there is a reasonable suspicion that a child (any individual up to their 16th birthday) is at risk of emotional and/or physical neglect or emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse, we are required by law to report this to the Children’s Aid Society immediately.


3) If you are involved in a court case and the judge thinks that counselling history is relevant to the case, your file may be subpoenaed.


4) If you have a complaint about a regulated health professional (including, but not limited to: doctor, nurse, psychologist, chiropractor, or massage therapist) with respect to inappropriate sexual behaviour towards you, and you provide us with that individual’s name, we are required to report this complaint to their regulatory body.


We welcome any questions you may have about our policies and practices in maintaining your privacy and confidentiality.