Dr. Sarah Thompson, C. Psych.

Emily Thomas, M.A., Clinician

Stephanie Cosma, M.A., Clinician

Stephanie works with all of her clients to navigate difficult life changes, change old, stuck feelings, and explore and develop parts of the self that have been previously undiscovered or ignored. Her practice is evidence-based and rooted in empathy, curiosity, and openness. Stephanie views her clients as experts in their own experience, and fosters an environment where their needs are valid and their feelings are important. She works within an emotion-focused framework, and also draws on cognitive-behavioural and dialectical-behavioral orientations based on individual client’s needs, goals and preferences. She works collaboratively with clients in therapy, and provides a safe, accepting space for them to address emotional hurts and make sense of inner conflicts so they can begin to come out of their shell and thrive. Together, they explore the client’s personal patterns and environmental factors that contribute to emotional pain, and find sources of empowerment.


Stephanie completed her clinical training at North York General Hospital’s Adult Eating Disorders Program, the Centre for Student Development and Counselling at Ryerson University, and St. Michael’s Hospital Department of Family and Community Medicine. She is a senior doctoral student in Clinical Psychology and a teaching assistant at Ryerson University. At Transforming Emotions, her work is supervised by Dr. Sarah Thompson, C. Psych.

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