For Clients

Over the year, clients have recommended or enjoyed various resources as they have sought to better understand themselves.  Some are listed here for your interest.



Alfred and Shadow - A Short Story about Emotions.  This brief video sums up emotion theory in seven minutes.

Alfred & Shadow - A Short Story about Self-Criticism

Brené Brown, on vulnerability.

Websites: to help understand your emotions and and needs.



Book recommendations related to emotions and emotion theory:

Living Like You Mean It, by Ronald J. Frederick, Ph.D

It's Not Always Depression, by Hilary Jacobs Hendel, LCSW

Emotional Fitness, by Janice Berger (and revised audio book, published in 2019)

The Highly Sensitive Person, by Dr. Elaine Aron

Any of the books by social worker, researcher, story teller, and faculty member, Brené Brown, MSW.

Great articles:

On how the emotional impact of memories can change through psychotherapy

On the science of being a super-feeler

Understanding emotions and emotion theory one step at a time


For Clinicians


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